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For something that is used with about every single desktop computer (and many laptops too), the humble computer mouse attracts very little attention when it comes to design. Sure there are shockingly expensive gaming mice designed for serious gamers, but for the casual user, most of us get by with very generic looking mice that don’t differ much from each other except for shape and color. Therefore, it was quite refreshing to see some innovation in the Lenovo N700 Mouse, a mouse that is targeted at the casual user.

The most distinctive feature about the Lenovo N700 is that you can completely flatten it by just a simple 180 degree twist around the center of the mouse. It is a rather cool feature but if you think you may have seen this before, you are right as the Microsoft Arc Touch mouse has done it a long time ago although with a different flattening method.

Instead of a scroll wheel, to keep the mouse as flat as possible, the wheel is replaced with a touch sensitive strip between the 2 mouse buttons. The strip supports touch and swipe gestures that are supported in Windows 8 and above.

The advantage of a flat mouse is of course that it is easier to transport but since space in a laptop bag or backpack has never been a premium, it is a nice to have feature but not really a critical one. Fortunately for the Lenovo N700, going flat is not the only interesting feature it has. It is merely the most eye catching one.

The Lenovo N700 is a wireless mouse and unlike most wireless mice, it supports both Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz RF. Why both? Simple. We normally prefer using a Bluetooth mouse on a laptop because nowadays all laptops support Bluetooth. Additionally, a Bluetooth mouse doesn’t require a separate RF USB dongle that takes up a USB port and stick out like a sore thumb from the side of the laptop.

However, transferring a Bluetooth mouse from one computer to another usually involves the hassle of pairing with a new computer. Furthermore, if you plan to use with a desktop computer (yes, those things still exist), they don’t usually come with Bluetooth. In such cases, the RF support is heaven sent. Just remove the RF USB dongle from the hidden compartment under the Lenovo N700 and flip the switch to change it to RF mode and you are good to go.

The Lenovo N700 has one last trick up its sleeve. It also doubles up as a laser pointer. When flattened, you can use it to help you with your presentation.

Also of note is the fact that the Lenovo N700 is an almost identical product to the Lenovo Yoga Mouse. Both products have the twist to flatten feature and support for both Bluetooth and RF connectivity. The big difference is that while the N700 has the laser pointer, the Yoga Mouse has multimedia buttons that control playback on a Bluetooth connected computer.

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