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When you dispose or sell an old laptop or desktop computer, how do you ensure that the data on the hard drives are not compromised? We store all kinds of personal and sensitive data on computers. You can be very vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves if the data get into the wrong hands. The Lovell Destruct Hard Drive Eraser is a simple and yet highly effective solution to this problem.

Most people believe that a factory reset is sufficient to remove stored information on a computer. Others believe that simple deleting is sufficient. And then there are those who do absolutely nothing before disposing or selling old computer hardware. All 3 categories are highly vulnerable to data theft.

There are many ways to permanently delete data on a computer drive. However, unless you are familiar with computers, the methods are usually complicated and tedious. And if you are not sure of what you are doing, you may end up destroying data on the wrong drive!

Lovell Destruct makes the entire process almost a no-brainer. The tool comes in a USB flash drive in the shape of a key. Just plug the key into the USB port of the computer, boot the computer up and select the drive you wish to wipe clean. Let the tool do its job and once it is done, you can be assured that the drive has been totally and permanently erased.

Lovell Detsruct uses a military-grade data eraser. Lovell guarantees that no device or software will be able to recover the erased data. So, enjoy peace of mind that your private information
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