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Home security systems are now inexpensive and DIY friendly. This is mainly thanks to small, WiFi and cloud-enabled devices that you can easily set up using an app on your phone. However, setting up a security camera outdoors is still a challenge. Harsh weather and the need to run electrical wires outdoors complicates installation. The Soliom S60 is a solar powered security camera that simplifies this task considerably.

Being solar powered, this means that the Soliom S60 does not require electrical wiring. It has a built-in battery that is powered by solar panels. Other than this, the camera works and functions very much like most other WiFi security cameras.

Soliom S60

A motion detector activates recording and a short video clip is uploaded to the cloud via WiFi. At the same time, you will receive an alert via the included app. The sensitivity of the motion detector can be adjusted to meet your requirement.

The camera has a wide angle lens and night vision capability. It has built-in microphone and speaker allowing for 2 way communication with your guests. Video recording is at 1080p and it supports an external memory card for storage.

With full IP66, the Soliom S60 camera is fully weatherproof. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and temperatures of between -4℉ to 140℉ (-20℃ to 60℃).

From our tests, we found that the camera is easy to setup and works great. The captured videos are clear in both day and night. More importantly, the app is user friendly allowing you to check on the camera from anywhere you may be.

The only thing we wish to highlight is that since it is solar powered, there are some limitations. Firstly, you need to place the camera somewhere that gets plenty of sunlight. Secondly, if the video recording gets triggered too frequently due to high traffic, the battery may drain faster than it can get charged. You will get a battery low alert on your phone. To resolve this, you can adjust the motion sensor’s sensitivity or move the camera.

The camera can work if it is not within range of your WiFi network. However, video clips only get stored in the memory card and you won’t get alerts or access the camera from the app.
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