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The main reason that why most homemade pizzas aren’t anywhere near the taste of wood-fired pizzas from professional pizzaiolos is because of the oven that they use to bake their pizzas. The average home electric or even gas oven just cannot produce the kind of heat needed to bake that perfect crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, charred pizza crust that we all love. Now, with the UUni 2S portable wood-fired oven, it is possible to re-create that perfect pizza crust without having to actually build a brick oven in your backyard.

The Uuni 2S wood-fired oven looks like a simple metal box on legs and with a tall chimney plus a shorter one on top of the box. There is some assembly required and while you may be tempted to assemble it without reading the manual, our suggestion is to follow the instructions carefully and you should be able to complete the assembly in under half an hour.

The oven burns wood pellets that are sold separately. The pellets go into a little container located under the shorter chimney. You need to use a fire starter to get the pallets burning. Once they start burning, you can fill the shorter chimney with more pellets to keep the fire going.

In about 10 to 20 minutes, the heat inside the oven can go as high as 932°F. Actually anything between 650 to 750 °F is good enough. At this high heat your pizza will cook in about a minute or two and it will come out looking like a gourmet pizza and taste as good as one too. While the Uuni 2S oven is fairly small and you can only bake one small to medium sized pizza at a time, it is still good enough for a small pizza party as it takes such a short time to bake each one.

Most Uuni 2S oven owners are wonderfully surprised at the quality of the pizza that the oven produces despite its small size and simple construction. You are of course not limited to just baking pizzas. It is also perfect for meat, roasted veggies, fish and breads.
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