The Galileo Robotic Platform turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a video camera that you can pan and tilt in any direction from anywhere in the world. The Galileo Robotic Platform is the product of a successful Kickstarter project and now it is available for sale to everyone.

To control the Galileo itself, you will need the help of another iOS device. Just swipe across the screen on the controlling iOS device and the  Galileo Robotic Platform rotates and tilts accordingly. The Galileo can rotate at a speedy 200° per second in any orientation.

The most obvious use of the  Galileo Robotic Platform is of course for video conferencing. Instead of holding your phone in an unsteady hand causing motion blur, you can now mount your phone on the Galileo with silky smooth panning and tilting to ensure the best video quality.

Other uses that got many of the Kickstarter project backers excited include using the Galileo Robotic Platform to create dynamic time lapse photography and also for 360° spherical shots ideal for virtual home tours. Other recommended uses include as a baby monitor and for following a lecture remotely. There are also plans to include automatic face and motion tracking to the Galileo.

Examples of what can be achieved using the Galileo Robotic Platform and your iPhone can be seen in the video below.

Last but not least, the Galileo has a built-in rechargeable battery so that it can be used outdoors without a power source. It also acts as a charger cum dock for your phone when plugged in to the wall.


Where to Buy Galileo Robotic Platform


Galileo Robotic Platform

With Galileo you can rotate an iPhone or iPod Touch in any direction, from anywhere in the world.

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