Pair a Logitech Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with a smartphone and you got yourself an instant party machine, any time, anywhere. The only thing else you need is for someone to supply the beer. For a speaker that measures just 2.6″ in diameter and 7.1″ high, you wouldn’t believe the sound that comes out of it until you hear it for yourself. It literally makes your ears go BOOM!

The Ultimate Ears BOOM is a 360 degree speaker that projects sound in every direction for immersive sound. It has a build-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge, enough for you to party till you drop. This also means that you can use the Ultimate Ears BOOM anywhere including outdoors. The speaker is water resistant.

The Ultimate Ears BOOM pairs with just about any Bluetooth capable music player including most Android, iOS and Windows phones. Just pair the speakers to your phone and you can control the music remotely from up to 50 feet away. To share DJ duties, up to 8 devices can be connected to the Ultimate Ears BOOM at the same time.

If your party starts growing, add another Ultimate Ears BOOM to the mix and double the audio and fun while spreading the music.

Last but not least, after a long night of partying, the Ultimate Ears BOOM also has an alarm function to make sure that you do not miss school or work the next day. Wake up to your favorite tunes to remind you of the previous night’s party.


Where to Buy Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Make Some Noise: Ultimate Ears BOOM is the 360-degree speaker that drops bold, immersive sound in every direction.

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