You have seen the LEGO Movie. You have bought all the toys. Now, use your favorite Lego bricks and mini figures to adorn your iPad Mini with the Smallworks BrickCase for iPad Mini. The Smallworks BrickCase for iPad Mini is a snap-on hard case for the iPad Mini and it comes in 3 favorite Lego colors – red, blue and green.

The cover of the Smallworks BrickCase for iPad Mini works just like a 16 x 24 stud base plate. It is 100% compatible with all your Lego pieces (or Kre-o and MegaBloks if that is how you swing, we won’t judge). Use your Lego bricks and create a totally unique Lego MOC (My Own Creation) masterpiece for your iPad Mini. Your only limit is your imagination (and the number of bricks that you have because you never have enough Lego bricks). Now you can brin

The Smallworks BrickCase for iPad Mini features a soft microfiber lining that protects the iPad screen from scratches. The cover also has a magnet that triggers the iPad’s sleep/wake function. The case also allows for full access to all buttons and ports on the iPad.

Where to Buy Smallworks BrickCase for iPad Mini


Smallworks BrickCase for iPad Mini

The Smallworks BrickCase is the first iPad mini snap-on hard case designed with an edge-to-edge studded baseplate building surface, compatible with LEGO, Kre-O and MegaBloks bricks and elements.

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