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Frozen Beer Slushie Maker Makes Slushies for Real Men

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Slushies are not just for kids and wimps. Real men drink slushies too. Real men drink frozen beer slushies made with theĀ Frozen Beer Slushie Maker from Kirin Ichiban.

If you know your foreign beers well, Kirin is of course the famous Japanese beer producer. In Japan, there is an on-going trend for “super cold” beer and Kirin opened special beer gardens that serve this frozen beer slushie. The beer gardens are a big hit with the Japanese. Kirin has also started serving this special beer at the Dodger Stadium.

To get a taste of the slushie, you don’t have to go all the way to Japan. You don’t even have to visit the Dodgers. You can enjoy this special beer slushie right in the comfort of your own home with theĀ Frozen Beer Slushie Maker. The slushie maker creates a whipped frozen top and dispensed soft-serve style on top of an ice-cold beer, giving it that unique look while keeping your beer cold.

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Where to Buy Kirin Frozen Beer Maker

It will make your beer frozen. The tiny pieces of ice in the froth will work as a lid that it will keep your beer cold and fizzy taste good much longer. Perfect for gift. One use of the maker will make as much froth as 2 glasses of usual beer.

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Where to Buy Frozen Beer Slushie Maker

Top off a pint of beer with a frozen beer foam that acts like an insulation cap to keep the beer cold. That's how you make a Frozen Beer Slushie.

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