Perfect for Storing Root Vegetables and Keep Within Easy Reach


Have you ever thrown out root vegetables because they rotted or sprouted before you can make use of them. Stop wasting money and store them in the Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks.

The Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks conveniently stores and preserves garlic, onions, potatoes and other root vegetables in double draw-string designed hanging sacks that are not only practical but look great as well. The sacks keep the light out thus preventing the sprouting and spoiling process. The drawstring ends makes it easy to both load and remove the roots from the sack. It also allows first for practice of first in, first out, ensuring that you use the oldest vegetables first. The sacks are made from cotton and are machine washable.

Just load up Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks and hang them on the kitchen wall using the included hanging loop so that you will always have your root vegetables within easy reach. Multiple sizes and lining colors available.



Where to Buy Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks


Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks

Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks are the economical way to store your root vegetables out of the way, but within easy reach.

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