We adore and treasure all our shiny, precious gadgets but we always live with the fear of dropping our precious….Myyy PRECIOUSSS….sorry for lapsing off there. Talking about our precious gadgets tend to do that to us. If you treasure your gadgets like us, consider adding more grip to its shiny slippery surfaces. The Drip Grip anti-slip stickers are designed to do just that.

The Drip Grip stickers look like drops of water and it comes in a few different sizes. You apply the stickers to slippery surfaces like the back of your smartphone or on the sides of your camera or any surface that you would like a better grip on. You can also put it on buttons that often slip off your fingertip so that there are easier to press.

The sticker adds almost no bulk to the device and is the ideal choice for those who prefer not to use a case for anti-slip purposes. Last but not least, the look of the Drip Grip stickers do look rather neat.

Make sure that you do not lose your precious gadgets to the nasty Bagginsessss…..



Where to Buy Drip Grip Anti-Slip Stickers


Drip Grip Anti-Slip Stickers

Drip Grip, the sticker in the shape of a water drop to be used for anti-slip protection, decoration of your smartphone and to make buttons easier to press.

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Drip Grip Anti-Slip Stickers

Drip Grip Anti-Slip Stickers…the game-changing new product that helps you get a grip…on your phone. Buy from Fancy.com