What better way to make sure that you are really, really clean than to declare nuclear warfare on those pesky good-fer-nothing germs? If you don’t think that a single nuclear element is not good enough to get the job done, you can use a total of three deadly radioactive elements – Radium, Uranium and Plutonium. And as proof that these Nuclear Element Soap really mean business, they glow in the dark. The Plutonium bar glows aqua, Uranium glows green, and Radium glows blue.

Shaped like a tile from the periodic table of elements, the soap bars are made from vegan friendly material and are not tested on animals. So don’t worry. The Nuclear Element Soap won’t irradiate you but will keep you glowing clean instead.



Where to Buy Glow in the Dark Nuclear Element Soap


Glow in the Dark Nuclear Element Soap

Declare nuclear warfare on the germs with the Glow in the Dark Nuclear Element Soap. Buy from Fancy.com