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BottleLoft is a Kickstarter project initiated by Brian Conti. It gained the support of 1,287 backers generating a total of $60,957 worth of funds. Conti came up with the idea of the BottleLoft after he noticed a problem with his overcrowded refrigerator. His solution? Use a magnet to hang bottles of beer inside the refrigerator thus freeing up more space for even more beer of course.

BottleLoft is the world’s first magnetic bottle hanger for refrigerators. You can save space in your refrigerator and make it look way cooler at the same time. It comes in the form of a magnetic strip and it attaches to the interior ceiling of your refrigerator. Each strip holds 3 bottles.


Each BottleLoft strip consists of 4 different parts. There are 3 custom sized grade N52 neodymium magnets (neodymium are super strong magnets), 3 custom designed and machined steel cups for magnetic strength, 1 custom designed injection molded plastic rail and lastly 1 strip of 3M VHB tape. The BottleLoft is sold in sets of 2 strips in each pack.

The magnet used is designed to hold a standard bottle cap and can hold up to an additional 3.6 pounds. In fact in can hold up more than just bottles. As long as the container has a metal cap, you can attach it to the BottleLoft.

The 3M VHB tape is used to ensure proper adhesion. To ensure a clean adhesion surface, it comes with an alcohol prep cleaning pad. Properly installed, this bottle holder will magically increase your refrigerator’s beer storage capacity.

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