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A sleeping bag is usually not a piece of emergency gear. You don’t bring one around with you just in case you need one in an emergency. That is why we are very intrigued with the Emergency Sleeping Bag from a company named Don’t Die In The Woods.

Firstly, for an Emergency Sleeping Bag, we expect it to be small and light enough to bring along on a hike. It should not take up a lot of space and easily fit into a bag or backpack. Well, this sleeping bag definitely meets our expectations. It is only 7 ounces and the pouch it comes in fits into the palm of your hand.

However, don’t expect this sleeping bag to work or function like a normal sleeping bag. It is made from Mylar and therefore super thin. It does come in a sleeping bag form so you can slip right in. Furthermore, it has a large hood that you can pull over your head and form a cocoon-like enclosure. But since the material is thin, it offers no extra comfort or insulation from the cold ground.

In other words, the Emergency Sleeping Bag is a upgraded Mylar emergency blanket. Like an emergency blanket, its primary function is to reflect and retain your body heat to keep you warm in the cold. The sleeping bag form factor does make it work much better than a normal blanket. In addition, the bag is very durable and reusable as you can fold it and store it back in its pouch. Most emergency blankets are single use only.

At 7 feet tall plus an additional 1.5 feet for the hood, this is a very large bag. It may possibly fit 2 smaller sized adults or an adult and a child. In the event of an emergency, having multiple bodies helps tremendously in minimizing body heat loss.

The Emergency Sleeping Bag is not meant as a replacement for a sleeping bag. It is not meant to keep you comfortable but it may just keep you alive long enough for you to be rescued or until you manage to find help.
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