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If you work from home frequently on a laptop we highly recommend getting a RoomyRoc Mobile Laptop Desk. There are many different styles of mobile laptop desks but the RoomyRoc is the only one we know that comes with a built-in footrest.

Those who work from home normally use a work desk or even on a dining table. But why tie yourself to a fixed spot at home. With the RoomyRoc Mobile Laptop Desk, you can work from anywhere within your home just as long as you have a spot to sit on. You can work from your sofa or even on your bed. The feet of the desk have locking castor wheels so you can easily push the desk around.

The RoomyRoc Mobile Laptop Desk has a hydraulic arm with an adjustable angle. With the simple press of a button, you can adjust the angle down if you are sitting down on a low chair like a sofa for example. Push the arm all the way up to an upright position and you have a standing desk.

And then of course there is that footrest. Attached right under the moving arm is a tiny footrest. While it may not seem like much but you can actually sit and work much more comfortably by resting your feet on the footrest.

The other feature of the desk that we really like is the adjustable angle of the table itself. The top can be adjusted up to 20 degrees is allow a more comfortable viewing or working angle. This is especially useful when writing or when using a stylus with a tablet instead of a laptop.
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