The Non-electric Toaster


How would like to make toast on a camp fire or even using your living room fireplace? The Genuine Pyramid Toaster from Jacob Bromwell is designed to do just that. If you miss having toast together with your bacon and eggs in the morning while camping, bring along the Genuine Pyramid Toaster on your next camping trip for some toast done the old fashioned way.

This pyramid shaped toaster is specially designed to toast 2 pieces of bread at the same time. Heat is evenly dispensed on both sides of the toaster so you get evenly toasted bread every time. The best thing about the Genuine Pyramid Toaster is that you can see your bread as it toasts. That means perfectly toasted bread every time just the way you like it.

If you are the less adventurous type, you can use the Genuine Pyramid Toaster on a normal gas stove.

The Genuine Pyramid Toaster is handmade by Jacob Bromwell in the USA and comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee.


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Genuine Pyramid Toaster

A toaster for camping? Yes, our non-electric pyramid toaster functions just as well over a campfire as it does your living room fireplace. Buy from Jacob Bromwell