Works in over 150 countries


A travel adapter is an essential device when traveling to other countries. As a traveler, you have no shortage of options when it comes to travel adapters. In fact we have featured a few rather unique travel adapters on GetdatGadget. The elago Tripshell World Travel Adapter on the other hand is more in the mold of the standard adapter but with a few well thought of extras that any traveler will appreciate.

First of all, the elago Tripshell World Travel Adapter is well designed and clearly labeled, making it easy to identify the correct electric prong standard to use. Additionally, it has an add-on adapter that gives you  2 USB charging ports for charging your USB devices like your smartphone, tablet and digital camera.

The adapter has built-in surge protection. And just in case the protection fuse blows up, the elago Tripshell also thoughtfully adds a spare fuse. The adapter comes with a convenient carrying pouch for easy storage and protection.



Where to Buy elago Tripshell World Travel Adapter


elago Tripshell World Travel Adapter

Tripshell is a universal travel adapter that covers outlets over 150 countries including US, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, UK. It comes with surge protection that protects your electrical appliances safe from Spikes/Surges in foreign electricity supply.

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