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The Nomodo Trio is a strange little gadget. It looks a little like a Bluetooth speaker lying on its back but it is actually a Qi-Certified wireless fast charger. Plus it has a built in drink warmer and chiller. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.

It is such a strange pairing but I guess since your drink and your phone wireless charger do co-exist on your desktop, Nomodo must have thought, “Why not combine a wireless charger and a drink warmer/chiller in one?” With many of us switching to working from home, I have to admit I do see the benefit of having my drink perpetually hot or cold the whole day long while I work.

For the tech geeks, you might be interested to know that the hot cum chilling plate is a combo hotplate and Peltier plate. It does heat up and chill quite well. If you place your hand on it, you can feel them temperature change almost immediately. However, do note that the Nomodo Trio works best when you use the included coffee cup. This is because the mug is made from aluminum with a plastic outer shell. The aluminum is really effective at heating up quickly. If you are to use a non-metallic cup, your drink will get lukewarm at best.

The same goes for chilling your drinks. Works best with the included cup but you can get your can of soda or beer to remain icy cold for hours.

As for the wireless charger, it is an auto-sensing Qi charger for 7.5W & 10W compatible phones. Hence you will get a speedy recharge if your phone supports it. There is a visual indicator that shows that the charging has been activated. Plus, there is a non-slip rubber ring that holds your phone in place while it is charging.

There is one thing that may be a problem for some people. Inside the Nomodo Trio is a fan that cools down the unit especially when it is in heating mode. Some may consider that fan noise to be a little too loud since the thing is just sitting there right next to you on your desk.

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