One of the most important gadget in a world traveler’s arsenal is the travel adapter. The most important features for a good travel adapter are that it must be compact so that it does not take up too much space and that it supports a wide number of countries. There is one feature that should be consider important but most of us never realize is the ease of identifying the correct adapter to use for each country. Most of us never really bother about this because you only need to set up the adapter one time for the entire time you are in that particular country but I think if an adapter comes with an easy way to identify the correct setting, it gets our seal of approval. The Flight 001 4 In 1 Adapter is such an adapter.

Don’t be fooled by the Flight 001 4 In 1 Adapter’s Fisher Price-like colors because they don’t just give the adapter a really unique look but they also serve another purpose. The colors help identify the correct combination  to use in any given country. The adapter comes with a colorful map of the world. The colors of the country match the adapter to be used making the process a no-brainer.

Flight 001 Adapter Map

With the 4 different colored components, the Flight 001 4 In 1 Adapter supports over 150 countries.

Where to Buy Flight 001 4 In 1 Adapter


Flight 001 4 In 1 Adapter

This is the first product utilizing the JAC READY Adapter system, a color-coded world adapter system that makes finding the right plug for your trip as simple as matching the colors.

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