The PenGo BrushPen Stylus is a stylus with interchangeable tips that is specifically designed with the digital artist in mind. It allows the artist to make use of tools that mimic an artist pen and brush on capacitive touch screens.

The capacitive touch screens used on most tablet PCs today are designed for fingers. Our fingers do not have the precision and the accuracy compared to a stylus device. Furthermore, most touch screens are not pressure sensitive and thus does not allow an artist to wary brush or pen stroke intensity by varying the pressure applied. That is why most digital artists still rely on pressure sensitive digitizer pads for their work.

The PenGo BrushPen Stylus is specially designed to provide the precision required plus it can simulate a pressure sensitive pad. It comes with 3 different interchangeable tips. The first is a small rubber tip ideal for writing and drawing. The second is a large round tip for navigation and drawing. The third is a brush with bristles that simulate a paint brush.

All three tips glide smoothly over the screen and provides a fairly good simulation of using an actual pen or brush. The brush tip is the best of the lot and is a joy to use.

The PenGo BrushPen Stylus works on both iPads and Android tablets.


Where to Buy PenGo BrushPen Stylus for iPad and Touch Screens


PenGo BrushPen Stylus for iPad and Touch Screens

The premium quality PenGo BrushPen has everything you need for sketching, navigating and painting on your iPad. Real natural media feel bristles allow you to paint with ease.

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