The WiFi Enabled Smart Doorbell


Have you ever wanted your own personal doorman to open your door when you have guests or to accept deliveries when you are away? The DoorBot is your robotic doorman that works 24/7, 365 days a year and incurs no wages. Sounds amazing but it probably costs an arm and a leg, right? Nope. You can hire your very own DoorBot for less than $200.

The catch is that you have to do part of the doorman’s work but the good news is that you can do this from anywhere and anytime. The DoorBot has a built-in camera and connects to the internet via WiFi. Hence, you can remotely see and talk to whoever is at your door whether you are just in the next room or half way round the world. If it is the pesky neighbor at the door again, just pretend to be away from home although you are just upstairs. He or she will never know. The DoorBot even works at night under low lighting as the DoorBot has an LED light to illuminate the visitor.

Communication is via an app on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. More than one user can be connected to the DoorBot at a time. All connected users will be notified via a notification on their device when DoorBot is activated.

Last but not least, you can integrate the DoorBot with the Lockitron smartlock so that you can lock/unlock the door remotely as well.



Where to Buy DoorBot- The Doorbell for Smartphones


DoorBot- The Doorbell for Smartphones

DoorBot is a WiFi-enabled video doorbell that allows you to see and speak with visitors through your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

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