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Moki Door Step – Easily Access your Rooftop Cargo

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Storing cargo on top of your vehicle is great solution to creating storage from literally thin air. Accessing the rooftop storage though is a whole lot more troublesome compared to the trunk. The Moki Door Step makes accessing the rooftop of your vehicle just a single step away.

As seen on Shark Tank! The Moki Door Step is as simple as it is ingenious. It is a simple device that hooks over one of the vehicle’s u-shaped door latches. There are rubber bumpers to prevent scratching the door frame. The best thing is that it works with just about any vehicle out there.

Hooking it on takes less than 5 seconds and it creates a standing platform about halfway up to the car roof. This is about the perfect height. Not too high to climb on yet high enough for you to easily access anything on the rooftop. The platform lets you stand comfortably with both feet.

Once you are done, removing the Door Step is just as easy. It is compact enough to fit into glove box or center console. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, the device is lightweight but yet strong enough to support up to 400lbs.

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The Moki Door Step provides easy access to your vehicle’s roof. Simply hook the Door Step over the u-shaped door latch in each of your vehicle’s doors.

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