World’s First “Self-Generating” Digital Camera


When you hear the phrase “Self-Generating” to describe a product, it has to come from the ever-lovable Japanese and their adorable Engrish. The Sun & Cloud Camera advertises itself as the World’s First “Self-Generating” Digital Camera and rightfully so. As far as we know, it is the first digital camera that is solar powered and if the sun is hiding behind the cloud, you can always use the hand crank on the Sun & Cloud. We presume that is how the camera got its name. It can be used when it is both sunny and cloudy. Sugoi!

Sun & Cloud Camera

The Sun & Cloud Camera is unlike any digital camera we have ever seen. It is shaped like a cube, measuring 6 x 6 x 8 inches, and weighing 200 grams. On one side is a tiny LCD display and some control buttons. On the opposite end is the camera lens and an LED flash. On the top of the camera is the solar panel and on the right side, folded into the body of the camera is the hand crank. You can also charge the camera via USB. We believe that the Japanese designers are shooting for a retro look for the camera.

The insides of the camera is pretty retro as well. It has a tiny 3-Megapixel CMOS sensor. Video maxes out at 640×480 resolution and 30 fps. To boost up the fun factor of the camera, it comes with a whopping 15 built-in filters. If all these does not excite you, you are obviously not the targeted crowd – teenage Japanese girls who squeal “Kawaii! ” in delightfully high pitch voices.



Where to Buy SuperHeadz Sun & Cloud Digital Camera


SuperHeadz Sun & Cloud Digital Camera

Never run out of juice again with the solar and hand crank powered Sun & Cloud Digital Camera. A world’s first!

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