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Should you bring your tent or should you bring your hammock? Bring the Crua Hybrid with you and you won’t have to make that decision. It is a hammock that you can also pitch as a tent on the ground. What’s more, the Crua Hybrid also includes a built-in self inflating air mattress and a comfy sleeping bag. Those are four essential outdoor equipment in a single compact and fairly lightweight kit.

The Crua Hybrid comes with everything that you need to stretch it as a hammock between trees or a one-person bivy tent. Tree hugger gear is supplied for hammock mode. If you are using it as a bivy tent, stakes are included as well. Like most well-designed tents, it takes less than 5 minutes to set up the tent in either mode.

The poles use the shock cord system to make assembly quick and easy. It has a built-in groundsheet to keep you dry, bug mesh to keep out the bugs and a flysheet to keep out the elements.

The built-in air mattress gives you much needed extra comfort when you sleep. It is about 1.5 inches thick when inflated. The mattress can also be removed and replaced if you so prefer. The sleeping bag that comes in a separate bag is mummy-shaped and provides good comfort and warmth.

The other unique feature of the Crua Hybrid is that you can combine 2 tents together to form a larger 2-person tent. If both you and your favorite camping partner has a Crua Hybrid, you can join up by zipping them up in the middle. In fact, you can add multiple tents together the same way to form a camp city.

Crua tents are well known for their great insulation and the Crua Hybrid is no different. The Rip-stop Nylon coating used for the tent material is highly hydrophobic and works to keep you dry. The well designed ventilation outlets minimizes condensation inside the tent.

The Crua Hybrid weighs about 7 pounds including the mattress and the sleeping bag. The tent storage bag measures 20 inches long and 9 inches in diameter. The sleeping bag is about 12 inches long and 6 inches in diameter. It also clips to the tent bag. It is quite a compact and lightweight kit considering that when pitched, the tent is almost 9 feet long and 3 feet wide at its widest end.

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