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Camping with a hammock is an awesome experience as you can’t get any closer to nature by sleeping perched high among the trees. On the other hand, you probably don’t want to get too close and get exposed to wet weather or pesky insects. The Nubé Stratos Modular Hammock Shelter is an add-on to your hammock that keeps you and your gear protected from the elements and the insects, creating a safe haven for you while you enjoy the best nature has to offer.

The Nubé Stratos Modular Hammock Shelter is the follow up product from Sierra Madre Research and an improvement over their original All-In-One Nubé Hammock Shelter. It features all the innovations found in the original but the whole design is now modular. The different layers of the shelter are now modular which means you can pick and choose which layers to use depending on the environment.

The new design now has a separate StratosFly rain protection layer and a StratoShield insect protection layer. These two layers are designed to sandwich your hammock to enclose you in a cloud of protection while giving you unobstructed views of between the earth and the sky.

Besides saving you from insect bites, the StratoShield can also be utilized to store up to 100 pounds of gear, all within easy reach. When used without the fly, the flat panel roof opens up to provide you with a perfect view of the skies. The StratosFly rain shield offers protection from extreme rain, sun and wind. Both layers can be used independently and separately depending on your needs.

Sierra Madre Research has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the Nubé Stratos Modular Hammock Shelter. There are different levels of pledges available. You can pledge to get the shelter system with or without a hammock and you can even pledge for just the StratosFly or the StartoShield.
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