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If you want to string up your sleeping bag and use it like a hammock, it can be easily done. All you need is a sleeping bag that can be adapted to fit over a hammock. However, the Bison Bag G2 makes things a whole lot easier by combining both sleeping bag and hammock into a single product.

The advantages of the Bison Bag G2 goes beyond just having to carry one item instead of two the next time you decide to go hammock camping. It is a also a very cost effective solution. It is priced cheaper than buying a comparable quality hammock and a sleeping bag separately. What’s more, you do not lose any functionality as you can use it as a normal sleeping bag if you so choose.

This hammock – sleeping bag hybrid is actually a sleeping bag that is sewn to a hammock at both ends and along one of the sides. It has double zipper pulls thus allowing you to have the flexibility of having openings at both ends.

If you have not tried hammock camping before, you should give it a try. With a hammock, you are off the ground and you don’t have to worry about a wet ground or creepy crawlies interrupting your sleep.

The Bison Bag G2 is made from Polyester with microfiber insulation. It has a temperature rating of 55°F but you can increase the temperature range by adding an extra layer of insulation in the space between the bottom of the bag and the hammock. In warmer climates you can use this space for extra storage instead. If things get a little too warm, you can always leave the foot end unzipped for extra ventilation.

The entire sleeping bag can be stuffed into an attached stuff sack for easy transport. The Bison Bag G2 weighs about about 4 lbs.
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