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Do you love cooking? Do you love traveling? If you answered yes to both, chances are you will appreciate the Cooking Essentials Travel Kit. It is a thoughtfully put together kit with the most commonly required ingredients for meal preparation.

Nowadays, with vacation rentals like Airbnb, it is not uncommon to have the convenience of a kitchenette or even a full kitchen during your vacation stay. Cooking a few meals on your own can mean huge savings compared to eating out especially if you have a large family with you.

However, most rentals or timeshares don’t provide much in terms of cooking essentials. You may end up buying huge amounts of ingredients that you can never bring home with you. The Cooking Essentials Travel Kit solves this problem by packing together small but sufficient quantities all your commonly used ingredients and kitchen consumables in a single portable packaging.

The full list of contents include 1/2 oz sea salt flakes, 1/2 oz fine sea salt, 1/2 oz ground pepper, 1/2 oz of garlic and herb seasoning, 1/2 oz steak seasoning, 2 oz sriracha sauce, 3 oz gourmet extra virgin olive oil, 3 oz aged balsamic vinegar, 20 zip closure sandwich bags, 10 zip closure gallon size bags, 12 aluminum foil sheets, 10 bamboo skewers, 12 basket style coffee filters and 1 flexible non-slip cutting mat.

With this travel kit, you just need to concentrate on getting your fresh ingredients. Worry less about forgetting to buy the essentials and have a stress free vacation.
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