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Going on a vacation is probably one of the top experiences that one can have in life. While on vacation, you can forget about your daily woes, learn new cultures, enjoy exotic new food or even bathe in the lap of luxury. However, a wonderful vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare if you become the victim of a pickpocket or misplace your valuables and important travel documents. Ladies, enjoy peace of mind while you travel by protecting your valuables with the Bra Wallet.

The Bra Wallet is the latest travel gear designed to protect your travel valuables by Zero Grid. These are the same people who introduced world travelers to the Travel Security Belt, a belt that also doubles up as a secure travel wallet.

The Bra Wallet, as the name suggests, is a hidden travel pouch or wallet that hooks up discreetly to a woman’s bra. It is designed to store cash, credit cards, passport, id cards, keys and even small pieces of jewelry. At the same time, it is deceivingly slim and leaves no ugly or telling bulge under your blouse or t-shirt. A secure connector clasp and double snap closure ensures that the wallet and its contents will never accidentally fall out.

The wallet is made from lightweight and ultra-soft nylon-spandex material. The material ensures maximum comfort against your skin. Besides attaching to the front or the side of a bra, the wallet can also be attached to a pair of underwear, next to the thigh or to belt loop of a pair of pants. All of these suggested methods keep the wallet safely hidden.

This hidden wallet is 100% full proof against pickpockets. Feel fully secured even in crowded tourist areas. Enjoy sporting events, music festivals, bars, clubs, or a night out on the town without the fear of losing your valuables.

As an added bonus and further peace of mind, Zero Grid is providing an exclusive trip assurance. In the unlikely event that you do lose something from the Bra Wallet, you will be reimbursed up to US$300.

As further incentive, the wallet also comes with 2 global lost & found tags from ReturnMe. These tags come with information on how to contact ReturnMe. Once contacted, ReturnMe’s 24/7 call centre will help return the lost item to you from anywhere around the world. You can use these tags on anything like your phone, laptop, camera, etc.
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