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Java Log – Firelogs Made from Recycled Coffee Grounds

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This winter, make your fire green. Not green as in the color but as in eco-friendly. Replace the firewood for your fireplace with Java Log. It is the first and only firelog in the world that is made from recycled coffee grounds.

Eco-conscious consumers will be happy to learn that Java Logs are actually better than natural logs. They burn hotter, cleaner and brighter than wood. You read that right. This fake wood is both effective and efficient while emitting 78% less carbon monoxide and 55% less creosote. It is no surprise that it won the 2003 Time Invention of the year.

The only thing that is missing is that it doesn’t produce the pleasant aroma of roasted coffee beans while it burns. However this is something that can be easily fixed with a hot cup of coffee. Slowly sip your hot java while enjoying the warmth from a burning Java Log.

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The Java-Log is the only firelog made from recycled coffee grounds, a green-friendly, efficient favorite of eco-conscious consumers.

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