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The Quirky Power Plug is a simple gadget. It is possibly the world’s shortest extension cord at only 4 inches long. We know what you must be thinking. What good is an extension cord that is only 4 inches long? Plenty, it seems.

Think of all the power outlets that you have at home and at the office. How many of those outlets are not used and wasted because it is blocked by a piece of furniture? How many are not used because a huge power brick you are using is blocking the adjacent outlets? With the world’s shortest extension cord, you can now make use of these previously inaccessible power outlets.

Sure, you can potentially solve either of these problems with any extension cord but why kill a fly with a sledgehammer? The Quirky Power Plug is specifically designed to solve this one problem and it does it brilliantly and fuss free. Another reason why you might want the Quirky Power Plug over a standard extension cord is that with a cord that is only 4 inches long, you can easily fold it and plug into itself in a neat little package for easy transport. It also protects the prongs from getting bent.

Just dump the Quirky Power Plug into your backpack or handbag and you have a portable solution to wasted outlet woes anywhere you go. Need to quickly charge your phone or laptop while at the local café? With the Quirky Power Plug, you may just get lucky and find an unused outlet because no one else could use it.

The Quirky Power Plug is a handy gadget to have around when a free power outlet is in demand like the airport or at the hotel. Suddenly what we thought was the most useless extension cord ever has suddenly just became our most indispensable extension cord.
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