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The HX Outdoors Tactical Fixed Edge Knife is one mean looking knife. It has a 4 inch blade while the length of the entire knife is about 9.25 inches. This knife is designed for outdoor survival and it has a few features that someone who is into camping, hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor activities will find useful.

The blade of this survival knife is made from 440C stainless steel with titanium plating. We are not sure if the titanium plating adds to the durability of the blade but it sure looks good. The handle is made from K10 composite fiber which is ergonomic to hold and has anti slip properties. The knife weights about 3.5 ounces without the nylon sheath that comes packaged with it.

The blade on the HX Outdoors Tactical Fixed Edge Knife has a serrated edge on the top edge and at the far end of the handle, there are a three lacing holes that you can use for lashing the knife to a stick to form a spear. Pretty handy if you need to do a bit of hunting or even spearfishing. The bottom edge of the blade can also be used as a bottle cap opener, a must have feature for any survival tool that is worth its salt.

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