The Kikkerland Universal Travel Adapter reminds us a lot of the Combiner Transformers. If you are not up to mark on your Transformers lore (shame on you), the Combiner Transformers are a “sub-group” of Transformers that not only transform into an alternative form on its own but also combines with other Combiner Transformers to form a larger Super Robot with super abilities.

Similarly, the Kikkerland Universal Travel Adapter is made up of two separate parts. Each part can be used on its own as an international power adapter but combined together, the Kikkerland Universal Travel Adapter gains additional abilities by supporting more than 150 countries in total.

Kikkerland Universal Travel Adapter

The Kikkerland Universal Travel Adapter has got to be the flattest and lightest universal power adapter that we have come across thanks to its unique two part design. Detailed instructions are included on how to adapt the travel adapter for use in different countries.

The travel adapter is manufactured by Songlinda Electronics.



Where to Buy Kikkerland Universal Travel Adapter


Kikkerland Universal Travel Adapter

The Kikkerland Universal Travel Adapter is ultra compact for travel. Lighter and folds flatter than any other adapter on the market.

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