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Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Cradle Chairs Combo

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If you happen to own one of those really neat Hammaka Cradle Chairs, did you know that you can hitch them to the back of your truck with the Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand? And if you don’t already own one, you can buy both as a combo set and take relaxing and leisure to a whole new level.

The Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand easily attaches to any standard 2 inch hitch receiver letting you set it up in just minutes. The stand has two arms with each arm capable of supporting up to 250 pounds. Pair it up with a couple of Hammaka Cradle Chairs, the zero-gravity hammock chairs that are widely regarded as the most comfortable on the planet, and you are set to hang out with a buddy. Kids will also absolutely adore these hammock swings so be ready to fight over who gets to occupy them.

Imagine hanging these chairs next to the river and doing a spot of fishing! And while it may not look like it, it is really easy to get in and out of the chair. The chair itself is made from all-weather polyester material and it comes with an adjustable footrest for you to stretch out and rest your feet.

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Where to Buy Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Cradle Chairs Combo

Create your favorite buddy hangout spot anywhere and everywhere with the Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Cradle Chairs Combo.

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