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Making your own ice cream at home usually involves using a ton of rock salt or an ice cream machine. The rock salt method is a lot of work and can get messy while the ice cream machine method is kinda boring and is almost no different from getting ice cream from the store. The Chef’n Sweet Spot ice cream maker on the other hand is an interesting and fun way to make instant ice cream whenever you want.

The Chef’n Sweet Spot ice cream maker looks nothing like an ice cream like you and I know it. In fact, it looks more like a toy frying pan more than anything but minus the handle. It even comes with a couple of plastic scoops and spade. The pan, or the wide, shallow bowl has a special non-stick, quick freeze surface.

Before you start making your ice cream, you need to freeze the pan in the freezer. Meanwhile you can prepare your ice cream mixture using your favorite recipe. When the pan is ready, pour the ice cream mixture into the pan. The mixture will freeze almost instantly in about 10 to 15 seconds. Scrape the frozen ice cream off the bottom of the pan using the spade. This process is kinda similar to making scrambled eggs. Then use the plastic scoop to ball up the ice cream for serving. In less than two minutes, your instant ice cream is ready to eat!

You can make additional servings using the same frozen pan. If you hurry, you should be able to make about six half cup portions within 30 minutes before the Chef’n Sweet Spot warms up too much to freeze any more ice cream mixture. With a little practice you will soon be serving up bowls of instant ice cream in a jiffy.

What makes the Chef’n Sweet Spot really great is that the kids are going to love making ice cream on it. After a little bit of work, they get rewarded with delicious ice cream. It’s a great way to get them to spend some quality time in the kitchen.
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