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Projectors are great way to watch your favorite shows on a huge screen but without the cost associated with a large screen television. However, projectors have quite a few disadvantages and one of them is that you have to place the projector quite a distance from the screen in order for it to project a larger image. Also, unless properly mounted to the ceiling, you also have problems with shadows created by people or objects in between the projector and the screen. The Philips Screeneo has elegantly solved this problem as it has an ultra short throw. With the Screeneo, you can get a 100 inch projection with the projector just 18 inches from the wall.

Imagine watching your favorite movies, football matches, historic sporting events and gaming on a gigantic 100 inch screen. An flat screen TV of a similar size costs tens of thousands of dollars but the Philips Screeneo Ultra Short Throw Wireless Projector costs just a fraction of that at under $2,000. It uses DLP LED technology which means it solves yet another disadvantage of projectors; short life span of the projector bulb. The LED light source on this projector is rated to last 30,000 hours which is easily the equivalent or even better than most flat screen televisions. The Screeneo is designed to work on any wall. No projection screen needed.

The Philips Screeneo also comes with the latest technology when it comes to connectivity. It has both Bluetooth and WiFi built-in. That means you can stream content wirelessly from your tablet, smartphone or even your media servers. For audio, this wonder projector has got you covered with integrated Digital Dolby speakers and subwoofer that helps create a real home theater atmosphere. The integrated speakers make the projector a handy portable unit that you can bring anywhere along with you.

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Last but not least, the Screeneo has full support for 3D content so you can also watch your favorite 3D content on a 100 inch screen. You can’t get any better than that.

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