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Not too many years ago, you wouldn’t associate a projector with a toy. Not only are projectors very expensive equipment, they do get rather hot and can be dangerous if you are not careful. However, things changed when the very expensive projector lamp slowly got replaced with much cheaper LED lightbulbs. Now, not only did the projector shrink to a mere fraction of its previous size, prices started dropping at incredible rates as well. The very expensive video projector that is used to be found in board rooms are now cheap and safe enough to be used as toys for kids.

To be honest, we don’t think the YG300 LCD Projector is being marketed as a toy but it does have a very Fisher Price looking design with its bright yellow and white plastic body. It is not the smallest LCD projector we have ever seen by far as we have reviewed projectors that are barely bigger than a smartphone and easily fits in a pocket.

Instead, the YG300 LCD Projector looks like a miniaturized version of the classic projector. It still has a fairly small form factor and can easily fit on the palm of your hand and weighs just half a pound. However, it is much taller than the slim projectors we have seen. We really like the design and the construction does feel sturdy enough to take a few knocks and bumps.

The YG300 LCD Projector may look like a toy but it does have pretty impressive features. For a start, it has both HDMI and analog RCA inputs for both video and sound. It has an SD card reader and a USB port for connecting to external storage. It can play a variety of video and audio formats natively.

The lamp has a brightness rating of 400-600 lumens which is not very bright. To use this projector, you need a darkened room for sure. It can project around 4 to 6 feet depending on the room brightness.

So far the specs sound very impressive but the reality is that the quality of the projection is not that great. It has a resolution of only 320×240 pixels which makes it terrible for text. You wouldn’t want to use this for your next presentation. That is why we think the YG300 LCD Projector makes a great toy for a lucky kid.

Just load up an SD card or your old portable HD with your kid’s favorite movies and hook up the YG300 LCD Projector with a power bank and you are looking at endless hours of fun. He can even create his own play cinema. However, the reason why this makes such a great toy is the fact that the YG300 LCD Projector is super cheap. You can grab one at under $50 or if you hurry, you can grab one from Gearbest for about $35.

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