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Have you been eyeing a 4K UHD home projector but holding off due to the sky high prices? Well, your patience has paid off as the new LG CineBeam HU80K Laser Smart Home Projector may be what you have been waiting for. While it may be a stretch to call it cheap, the new laser projector from LG is definitely not what you define as a budget model either. In fact, it has quite a few thrills and frills that are not found on competing models that cost much more.

Before we go into the features of the LG CineBeam, we have to comment on its looks. It looks nothing like any other projector on the market. However, LG did not change the design just to make it look different. In fact, the design makes a lot of sense and you may even wonder why no one else has ever thought of it before.

Unlike the usual rectangular box that is designed to sit on a table, the LG CineBeam looks more like a speaker of a home entertainment system. The projector lens is mounted at the top. With a lens cover that doubles as a reflector mirror, you can place the projector on the floor. There is no need to place it on a table.

Flip the lens cover all the way back and you can project on the ceiling. Ideal for those who wish to just lie flat on the bed while enjoying their favorite movies. Alternatively, you can just mount the LG CineBeam on the ceiling but you will miss out on many features that make it such a great projector if you do so.

The LG CineBeam is clearly designed to be a fun portable 4K UHD projector that you can use around the house or even outside the house. It has a tote handle for easy transport and weighs just under 15 pounds. More importantly it has a built-in cord winder that discreetly hides the cord under the housing panel when not in use.

Moving on to the technical bits, the LG CineBeam uses DLP XPR’s pixel-shifting technology that helps projectors to achieve true 4K resolution with 8.3 million distinct pixels at 2,500 lumens. That may sound like a lot of mumbo-jumbo but all it means is that you get ultra sharp images that still looks great even at bright conditions. As for screen size, it ranges at about 40″ at about 3.6 ft away to a whopping 150″ at about 14 ft away.

It has all kinds of connectors from USB (3.0 and 2.0) to HDMI to Ethernet to built-in WiFi so you can play from just any source from an external HDD to streaming from your smartphone. It has support for LG’s Smart UX which is LG’s smart TV platform. Through it, you can connect to your favorite streaming service like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube or even use it to surf the internet.

While the LG CineBeam does come with built-in stereo speakers, it also comes with a 3.5 mm AUX jack and for surround sound aficionados, there is an S/PDIF connector. If you prefer to go wireless, there is Bluetooth.

The LG CineBeam may not be the cheapest true 4K UHD laser projector out there but it is the best bang for your buck by far and definitely worth every cent you pay for it.
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