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Ankle supports and braces are used for both the treatment and prevention of a sprained ankle. While they are mainly used by those who are engaged in sports, they can also be used by anyone who is suffering from ankle related injuries or even those who is experiencing ankle or foot pains due to lack of tendon support. It is also common for teenagers who are growing up to suffer from such pains. The Breathable Ankle Brace Protector can be used by anyone who needs added ankle or foot arch support to treat and to prevent chronic pains.

The Breathable Ankle Brace Protector is made from breathable Lycra material that provides good air permeability. It is also elastic and machine washable. It consists of two separate component. The first is a wraparound brace that wraps around the ankle. The elastic material allows you to adjust the fit of the brace to your comfort. It must be tight enough to provide enough support and not too tight as to restrict circulation.

The hole around the heel allows for much more freedom of movement compared to traditional ankle braces. The sectional design minimizes slippage and bunching. It is also seamless which helps prevent chafing and irritation.

The second piece of the equipment is an elastic strap that goes under your foot arch and wraps around the top of your ankle. The strap provides needed support for your foot arch. The Breathable Ankle Brace Protector material is thick enough to provide some cushioning effect but it is also thin enough so that you can still wear your shoes over the brace.

The Breathable Ankle Brace Protector is a one size fits all as it is both elastic and uses Velcro for size adjustment. There are separate versions for both the left and right foot. Both versions are available from GearBest.

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