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Outdoor or camping gear has always been about fine balancing between functionality and the amount of space and weight the gear requires. No matter how much you need a particular gear, it inevitably gets left behind if it takes up too much space or weighs too much. The Sea to Summit X-Pot is a revolutionary outdoor cooking pot that has a large 94.5 oz./2.8L cooking volume but can be collapsed to under 1.5 inches tall for storage. It is an excellent example of new camping gear that revolutionizes our camping experience.

Looking at the Sea to Summit X-Pot, you wouldn’t have thought that it is a cooking pot. Most of its body is made from soft food grade silicone that cannot withstand open flames. However, it has a base that is made from 6063-T6 hardened alloy aluminum. The silicone is molded over this metal base. The rim of the pot is also reinforced with a metal ring to provide it with more rigidity.

The X-Pot also comes with a translucent lid that has holes on one side which allows you to use it as a strainer. There are some warnings printed on the lid that you should pay attention to especially the one about hot steam escaping from the sides of the lid. While the pot’s silicone handles and plastic lid are cool enough to touch even when water is boiling, be careful not to get scalded by the hot steam.

Another thing you have to be careful about is to make sure to only use the X-Pot with small diameter flames from a camping stove. Any flames larger than the pot’s diameter like a conventional stove or a camp fire may burn the silicone body and damage the pot.

The pot is designed for cooking for 2. It can be used for various tasks such as boiling water, making soups, cooking pasta and rehydrating meals. The high walls of the pot makes it easy to stir the contents with less risk of spilling.

The X-Pot’s other great feature is that it cools down quickly in under a couple of minutes. This is a useful feature if you need to rush and don’t want to waste time waiting for it to cool before packing.

Last but not least, to save even more space, you can fit a couple of Sea to Summit X-Mugs and two X-Bowls inside the collapsed body of the X-Pot.
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