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Smartwatches are currently the next big thing with most smart devices manufacturers already having released at least one model or has one on the drawing board. Some are already on their 2nd and 3rd generation smartwatches like Motorola and Samsung. Most of these devices are running on Android Wear, Google’s OS specifically designed for wearables. However, not many are aware of Smartwatches from lesser known brands that are running full blown Android OS like the FINOW X5 3G Smartwatch Phone.

What’s the difference between smartwatches running Android Wear OS and Android OS? Android Wear devices are meant to compliment your smartphone. Most of the heavy lifting is done by the smartphone and the watch is meant to be an extension of your watch. It allows you to do tasks without having to look at your phone or take it out of your pocket. Most of the time, your phone needs to be with you in order for your watch to fully function.

Android OS smartwatches like the FINOW X5 3G Smartwatch Phone on the other hand are more like smartphones that are shrunk into a watch form factor. Theoretically, a smartwatch running Android OS can run any app that is designed for an Android smartphone. It can also make calls, receive and send text messages, play music and even browse the internet without the need for a paired smartphone.

The FINOW X5 has Android 4.4 Kit Kat installed together with a small selection of preinstalled apps. Additional apps can either be downloaded from a built-in app store that has a limited number of apps or you can install more apps from the Google Play Store. Please note that due to the display size and shape, many apps designed to run on a phone will not run properly on the watch.

The FINOW X5 3G Smartwatch Phone has a round 1.4 inch AMOLED 400×400 pixel display. The use of an AMOLED display means that colors look really good and visibility is better than average in bright daylight. The watch has Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS connectivity. While it can be tethered to a smartphone like an Android Wear smartwatch, the FINOW X5 is really designed to be used as a standalone smartwatch phone.

At the bottom of the watch is a heart rate monitor. The watch comes with its own app for monitoring and tracking your activity as well as your heart rate. However, the watch is not waterproof and cannot be used for water sports and neither can you wear it when taking a shower.

The FINOW X5 3G Smartwatch Phone is powered by a 450 mAh rechargeable battery. As far as smartwatches are concerned, this is about average which means that you have to be careful on your usage to make the battery last an entire day. The watch is currently available from GearBest.

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