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In terms of size and weight, the portable Hero Grill is neither the smallest nor the lightest. With its handy carry case and weighing under 10 pounds, it is certainly easy enough to carry around. However, what makes it rather unique is the use of the Lavalite charcoal pods which makes cleaning up after ridiculously easy.

The charcoal pods come ready-to-use and disposable. Each pod consist of bamboo charcoal briquettes encased in a lava rock container. The lava rock acts an insulation from the burning charcoal. Each pod comes sealed in a waterproof shrink wrapped packaging. This protects it from getting wet.

The grill itself is made from ceramic coated steel. Setting it up takes literally seconds as all you have to do is unfold the supports. Then light up the charcoal pod and insert the it under the grill. That’s it. You are now ready to start grilling. The pod remains hot for up to an hour.

Hero Grill

The Hero Grill also comes with a dual use thermometer. When attached to the grill, it gives an indication of the grill temperature. Remove it and you can use it to check the temperature of your food to ensure it is properly cooked. Also included are a spatula and a bamboo cutting board.

The best part about this portable grill is that once you are done, the entire charcoal pod can be removed and disposed off. The pod also captures all the grilling mess leaving you minimal cleanup on the grill itself.
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