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It is not exactly like the self-tying power lace sneakers you saw in Back to the Future. We are still waiting for that together with the hover board. But just like Marty’s sneakers, with the Zubits, you will never have to tie your shoelaces ever again.

The Zubits Magnetic Shoe Closures use a much lower tech method to lace up your shoe. They use low tech but very powerful magnets that are arguably just as cool as Marty’s power laces. When you slip your foot into a pair of shoes with Zubits, the two halves of the magnets snap together satisfyingly when you pull them together.

There are many shoelace alternatives out there. Most let you quickly tighten your shoes with a quick pull. They all make lacing up a pair of shoes much quicker and easier than using ordinary shoelaces. However, none let you remove your shoes just as quickly without even touching your shoes.

With Zubits, all you have to do is step out of your shoe while having your other foot step on the heel. The magnets are strong enough to stay securely closed when you run or jump. However, they split open easily for you to slip out of your shoes. You can adjust and readjust the tightness and fit according to your preference. You can even leave the Zubits unconnected and wear your shoes loose for extra comfort. They work with all laced shoes.

Zubits work by securing to the top three lace loops on your shoes. With the top 3 rows of the lace undone, you get a wide opening to easily slip your foot in. After you secure the laces to the closures, the extra ends of the laces are snipped off. You get a clean look for your shoes minus the messy lace bows. Furthermore, you also eliminate the risk of tripping on your laces.

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