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The August Smart Lock is a keyless, smartphone based security system that we reviewed some time ago. While using a smartphone to unlock your door is rather cool and futuristic but we have to admit that a keypad makes things much more convenient and simpler. The August Smart Keypad is just that, an add-on numerical keypad that works with your August Smart Lock.

The August Smart Lock is a great smart home device for managing your home security plus controlling and tracking who enters or leaves your home. However, not everyone living in your home may be using a smartphone and although you can still use a key with the lock, you lose the tracking features. Furthermore, how do you allow access and track guests and visitors who don’t have a smartphone?

The August Smart Keypad is a simple to set up add-on accessory that installs in just minutes. All you have to do is stick it to a wall next to your August Smart Lock protected door. It runs on batteries so it requires no complicated wiring. It pairs to the smart lock via Bluetooth and you can configure it using the free app.

You can set up a unique 4 to 6 digit PIN for each user that doesn’t have a smartphone. You can also set up PINs for users that do own a smartphone so that they don’t have to rely on their smartphones all the time. Just pass the PIN to each user and the August Smart Lock can now keep track of all users regardless if they use their smartphone to unlock the door or not.

The system will also keep track of failed attempts on the keypad and temporarily disable itself for 5 minutes after 7 failed attempts. If you have the second generation August HomeKit-enabled Smart Lock, you can also get an activity log of when the keypad was used, which code was entered and records of failed attempts.

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