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The 37 Degree L18 is a wristband activity or fitness tracker that has quite an impressive list of tracking features. Its list of features is comparable to many of the much more expensive and branded wearables currently in the market. On the list of things that the wearable keeps track of is your mood. There are other trackers that has a similar feature but we didn’t expect to find it on one that only costs about $20.

While mood tracking may seem like a frivolous feature, there are health related aspects to being in relatively good mood. People who exercise on a regular basis feel more positive about themselves and therefore less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses.

Besides mood tracking, the 37 Degree L18 has a host of sensors that keep track of the number of steps you take, your heartbeat rate, breathing rate, quality of sleep and even your blood pressure. It can even tell you when you are fatigue and advises you to take a break.

Some of these sensors, like the blood pressure sensor, may not be as accurate as a medical device but with the help of the downloadable free app (iOS, Android and Windows phone), gives a fairly good representation of your overall health. The device communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The app has a very clean interface and is fairly easy to use and has minimal frills. For example, the step tracker keeps track of your number of steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned. The sleep tracker lets you know the total number of hours you slept as well as the length of both light and deep sleep.

Other than indicator LEDs, the 37 Degree L18 has no display so you need to rely on the app to retrieve the data and statistics collected. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts about 5 days with constant tracking. To recharge you need to attach the included charger to the bottom of the device. The charger has a microUSB port for charging.

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