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Why carry a set of house keys with you whenever you leave your home when you can use your smartphone (which you already carry with you whenever you leave your home) as your house key? All you to do is replace your current door lock with the August Smart Lock, a task that you can easily do on your own in under 10 minutes.

Utilizing encryption technology, the August Smart Lock is even better than keys that easily gets lost. The encryption ensures that no one can hack the August Smart Lock to gain illegal entry into your home. It runs on four AA batteries so it is always on even if the power, Wi-Fi, or internet connection goes down.

The August Smart Lock is both intelligent and secure. You have full control as to who can have access to your house via an iOS and Android phone. Have you ever had problems reaching for your house keys when your hands are full? The August Smart Lock has a feature that unlocks itself when it senses your approach and locks itself up when you leave. No need to put down your load or reach down your pocket for those keys.

You might think that you need professional help to install something as sophisticated as the August Smart Lock. You’ll be surprised to learn that almost anyone can install the lock on their own. It replaces the interior portion of compatible deadbolts in less than ten minutes without compromising exterior hardware.

The smartphone app allows you to keep track of all visitors who passes through your door. Create temporary keys for guests and other visitors who require access like housekeepers and repairmen. The keys can even be set to work only at specific days or specific hours of a day.

Last but not least, rest assured that the August Smart Lock will still work with a normal key in an emergency.

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