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If Apple were to design an electric screwdriver, we are pretty sure that it would look like the Wowstick or something very close to it. This might not be a surprising fact if you are aware that this shiny electric screwdriver that would not look out of place on the set of a sci-fi movie is made by Xiaomi. The same Xiaomi that used to produce technically impressive Android smartphones that are “inspired” by Apple iPhones.

However, Xiaomi has since moved on and while their smartphones no longer take design cues from Apple, they do produce a wide range of other products that do show the same minimalistic yet elegant DNA that the Cupertino firm is famous for. The Wowstick continues this trend by housing an electric screwdriver in a form factor that is no bigger than a marker pen.

First, let’s start with the packaging. Yes, the packaging is very nice but the reason why it is mentioned in our review is that it is actually functional and probably a good idea not to chuck it away once you got your grubby hands on the Wowstick itself.

Continuing on the theme of a pen-like device, the box that the screwdriver comes in looks a lot like a high-end pen gift box. Inside, you will find the Wowstick, 6 screwdriver bits and a bit extender. The cool thing about the box is that the magnetized bits attach magnetically thus they don’t accidentally tumble out and get lost. Nice idea!

The 6 bits are PH000, PH1, SL1.5, SL3.0, T5 and T6. The bits couple magnetically to the Wowstick which is quick and easy. The Wowstick itself is comfortable to hold just like a pen. It has an metallic anodized finishing that gives it that high-tech cum “expensive piece of equipment” look.

A couple of switches on the body allows you to turn on the screwdriver and reverse the direction. There is an LED at the tip of the screwdriver that lights up the area you are working on which is a nice touch. The torque is fixed at either 0.2 or 3 Nm. If additional torque is needed, you can hand torque the last bit. The speed however is fixed at 100 rpm.

The Wowstick is powered by 2 AAA batteries that are rated to give you a total of 8 hours of usage. This is pretty good battery life and on normal use, it should last you weeks if not months.

As you can tell from the bit sizes, torque rating and speed, the Wowstick is mainly aimed at home users for fixing home appliances, electronics equipment, and hobbies and craft. These usually have tons of tiny screws that can be quite a challenge to remove and refasten. With the Wowstick, this is no longer an issue.

Last but not least, there is an optional bit holder that is sold separately that is rather cool. It has a cylindrical shape and has a pop-up top. Like the storage box, it too is magnetized so that the bits don’t accidentally fall out.

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