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Long time followers of GetdatGadget will know that we have a thing for credit card sized tools that fit conviniently in our wallets. In fact, we have not one, but two lists of great gadgets that are designed to fit in a wallet. Therefore it is not surprising that the Artiart Cutlery Card caught our eye because it allows us to carry a full set of eating utensils in a credit card sized plastic container.

The Artiart Cutlery Card is actually not the first credit card sized multitool that features eating utensils. We recently featured the kinda similar Card Cutlery set that has a set of fork and knife. While the Card Cutlery had a pair of very usable fork and knife, the Artiart Cutlery Card has a full set of 7 eating tools consisting of a knife, a fork, a spoon, a fruit peeler, a drinks stirrer, a toothpick, and a bottle opener.

They all fit into a container that is no larger than a credit card and less than 4 mm thick. That is about the thickness of 3 credit cards. However, in order to fit in so many different tools, there had to be some compromises as far as the sizes of the tools are concerned. The fork and knife are really tiny and you won’t be cutting into any steaks with them. They are perfectly functional to get bite sized morsels into your mouth. If you have an aversion to using unwashed hands to put food into your mouth, these are the perfect solution to your problem.

The fruit peeler flips out from the plastic housing like a switchblade. This provides you with a better grip and therefore the peeler does function rather well. The drinks stirrer is perfect for a cup of coffee although you have to be careful not to drop it in as it is not very long. The bottle opener and toothpick are nice to have but ultimately not really essential. On the other hand, the spoon is nothing more than just a small triangle plastic piece and it is probably the least useful item of all.

The Artiart Cutlery Card is light and portable. The utensils don’t function as well as the full sized versions (or in the case of the spoon, don’t function at all) but that is probably understandable considering the space constraints. However, they are an acceptable compromise when compared to the alternative of eating with your bare hands.
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