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The Amazfit Fitness Smartband is a newly launched fitness band from Huami. The name may not sound familiar but they are the ones who manufactures the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. In fact they are still producing the Mi Band 2 but Huami is now striking out on their own with their line of Amazfit fitness trackers. In fact, many vendors do advertise the product as the Xiaomi Amazfit Smartband.

The original Xiaomi Mi Band created a revolution of sorts when it launched at a ridiculously low price of under $15. This was back in the days when competing products like the Nike FuelBand and Fitbit sold for at least 10 times more. The Amazfit Fitness Smartband sells for more than $100 and nowhere as cheap but it includes a whole lot more sophisticated sensors to give you a far better picture of your health and much better at tracking your daily activities compared to the simplistic Mi Band.

First off, the Amazfit Fitness Smartband has an ECG sensor as well as a PPG photoelectric sensor. Both sensors are used for detecting heart rate and most fitness trackers have one or the other. The ECG sensor detects the electrical impulse from the heart and therefore is far more accurate when reading your current heart rate. Inaccurate current heart rate reading is one of the biggest issues for PPG sensor trackers including the Min Band 2. However, the ECG sensor shortens battery life.

The PPG sensor uses light to detect blood flow and determine heart rate. Is is less accurate for current heart rate reading but it is ideal for tracking heart rate over longer periods of time. By combining the two sensors, the Amazfit Fitness Smartband is able to give you an accurate current heart rate reading while still being able to maintain a 7-day battery life. This is a far cry from the 30 day battery life of the Mi Band 2 but it is a compromise that most people can live with.

Other features of the smartband include triaxial acceleration sensor as well as an IP67 dust and waterproof certification. The acceleration sensor is for detecting movement and is used by the pedometer function as well as other activity tracking. The IP67 certification means that it can withstand splashes and rain but you can’t swim with it.

The Amazfit Fitness Smartband is housed in a rather attractive looking housing made from both aluminum and stainless steel. It has a 0.42-inch OLED display that shows your health readings as well as tell time. Pairing to a smartphone is via Bluetooth 4.0.

The smartband is powered by a 95 mAh battery that can be recharged using the included proprietary charger. This does mean that you need to carry the charger along with you when you travel but this is quite common with most activity trackers and smartwatches.

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