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We won’t put a pair of knife and fork up there with our list of essential Everyday Carry or EDC. However, we must admit that there were a few times that we did forget to grab a fork or even a pair of disposable chopsticks to go along with our takeout. If we had the Sand River Card Cutlery with us then, we could have whipped out a pair of fork and knife from our wallet and ate like civilized human beings instead of resorting to eating with our fingers and caused a terrible mess.

The Sand River Card Cutlery consists of a pair of mini sized fork and knife made out from hardened stainless steel. They are stored inside a clear Plexiglas credit card size storage sleeve 0.155″ thick, perfect for slipping into your wallet or a purse.

Each cutlery is only about 3.4 inches long so it is obvious you won’t be able to hold it like a normal sized cutlery. Instead, you slip your index and middle fingers through the holes on the handle to provide you with enough grip to use them effectively such as cutting through a piece of tough meat.

The fork has 1.25″ long prongs while the knife has a 1.5″ long blade. These are far shorter than your standard sized cutlery but they work adequately. While they may be small, we must say that with a little practice, they work much better than plastic disposable cutlery which are almost useless for any real cutting.

The Card Cutlery set is made in Solingen Germany.

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