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For many photography enthusiasts, hunting for the ideal equipment carry bag can be a lifelong task. This is because as time goes by, your equipment changes and therefore your storage requirement changes along with it. But basically, the ideal storage bag should have enough space to store all your equipment, sufficient protection for your precious equipment against the occasional bumps and possibly compartments to keep everything organized and easily accessible. The Mindshift Rotation 180 Pro may not be the perfect camera equipment bag for everyone but we bet it can meet most enthusiasts’ needs.

To be honest, nowadays there isn’t really much that differentiates one good camera backpack from another. Most of the time, it just boils down to which brand you prefer. However, the MindShift Rotation 180 Pro has a unique feature that puts it in a class of its own. It has a built in fanny pack or waist pack that rotates from the bottom of the backpack to the front for easy access.

While this feature may sound like a gimmick, it actually does make the MindShift Rotation 180 Pro one of the best camera backpacks out there. You can of course carry an extra fanny pack along with your backpack for the same easy access convenience but if you have ever tried to carry a DSLR camera body plus lens in one, you no doubt are aware that it can get pretty uncomfortable fairly fast. With the MindShift Rotation 180 Pro, the waist pack is part of your backpack but when you need to access it, you just swivel it to the front.

Now, here comes the even more interesting part. If you slip your arms out of the shoulder straps, you can swivel the entire backpack to the front, rotating on the waist belt. This means you can access all your gear without even needing to take off the backpack or placing it on the ground. This can be an essential feature if you are standing in water or if the ground is wet. You want your precious gear to stay as far away from water as possible.

As a camera backpack, the MindShift Rotation 180 Pro has ticked most of the checkboxes. About the only issue we have is that it does not come with an insert in the waist pack for organizing your gear. MindShift does sell an insert for the waist pack as a separate accessory but we felt that it should have been included in the first place. Alternatively, you can buy a third party insert that fits like the Tenba Removable Photo Insert.

Although the MindShift Rotation 180 Pro is aimed directly at the photography enthusiast, we must say that it makes a fairly good travel backpack as well because of the rotating waist pack feature. It is great for storing essentials like your phone, camera, passport and other important documents for quick and easy access. The waist pack even has enough space to fit in a 10″ tablet like an iPad. The main backpack has ample space for several change of clothes if you are not using it for storing your camera gear.
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