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LaMetric Time is often advertised and promoted as a WiFi enabled clock. If that is all that it is, its $200 asking price seems to be an exorbitant amount. However, this rather interesting device is much more than just a wireless connected clock.

When it was first launched as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2014, the LaMetric Time was touted as a customizable smart ticker which is a much better description for the device. Think of it as a standalone digital display that is an extension of your digital life. It does a lot of things that you are currently relying on your smartphone such as tell time, set alarms, display notifications, tell the weather, display stock quotes, set reminders, track sales figures, listen to internet radio and much more.

So why would you need another device to do all the things that your phone is currently doing? The main reason is that LaMetric Time has a display that is always on and it is sitting in front of you. Your phone on the other hand is normally sitting in your pocket with its display turned off. The LaMetric Time can be shared with others either at home or at work even when you are not around. Your phone on the other hand is a personal device that stays and goes with you.

While the display only consists of just a very pixelated 37 x 8 display, it can display short messages by using ticker style scrolling. Although it looks primitive, the ticker display does add a certain charm to the device.

The display is actually split into 2 with a colored 8 x 8 pixel display on the left combined with a monochrome 29 x 8 display on the right. Although this seems like a big limitation but it is sufficient for what the LaMetric Time is designed to do – display important information that is easy to read from a distance.

The LaMetric Time also has Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to use it as a Bluetooth speaker complete with visual equalizer. It can also play internet radio stations independently on its own. Last but not least, the LaMetric Time is of course an excellent alarm clock. You can even choose to wake up to your favorite internet radio station in the morning.

The capabilities of the LaMetric Time is constantly expanding. You can download additional apps through its very own app store. You can even try your hand at developing your own app for it as a full developer’s kit is available.
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